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Hunan Eter Electronic Medical Project Stock Co., Ltd.

Ingegneria pulita per ospedali di classe 100-100000 per sala operatoria
Ingegneria pulita per ospedali di classe 100-100000 per sala operatoria
Ingegneria pulita per ospedali di classe 100-100000 per sala operatoria
Ingegneria pulita per ospedali di classe 100-100000 per sala operatoria

Ingegneria pulita per ospedali di classe 100-100000 per sala operatoria

Tipo di pagamento: L/C,T/T
Quantità di ordine minimo: 1 Set/Sets
Termine di consegna: 60 giorni

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Informazioni basilari

    Modello: etr

    Type: Washing,Ventilation & Vacuum Apparatus

    Warranty: 18 Months, 18 Month After Shipment

    Application: Hospital Clean

    Level: Medical Level

    On Site Service: ETR Engineer Onsite Service

    Packing: Wooden Case

Additional Info

    Pacchetto: Cassa in legno di imballaggio standard da esportazione

    produttività: 50 Units per Month

    marchio: ETR

    Trasporti: Ocean,Land,Air

    Luogo di origine: Changsha, Cina

    Abilità del rifornimento: 50 Units per Month

    Certificati : ISO 13485

    Porta: Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Shanghai

Descrizione del prodotto

Il sistema di ingegneria medica pulita copre sale operatorie pulite, ICU, sale di disinfezione, laboratori, laboratori clinici, centri di distribuzione delle vene e altri siti. I materiali di decorazione, i condizionatori d'aria puliti e i dispositivi medici che soddisfano i requisiti di pulizia devono essere adottati per garantire la pulizia, in particolare per sale operatorie, ICU, sale di disinfezione e altri siti soggetti a requisiti di pulizia dell'ospedale.

Class-100-100000-Hospital-Clean-Engineering (1)


Name of the operating room

Type of operation incisions

Applicable operating instructions


Special clean operating room


Joint replacement operation, organ transplantation operationand aseptic operation for cerebral surgery, cardiac surgery and gynecological surgery.


Standard clean operating room


Department of thoracic surgery, department of orthopedics and department of urology;

Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery,  

Bone surgery and ovum extraction  

and Class A aseptic operation in general surgery


General clean operating room


General surgery (except Class A incision operation) and other operations like gynecological and obstetric department operations


Quasi clean operating room


Anorectal surgery and contaminant operations



Specification and parameter

Built-in device cabinet

1 set

Each room is provided with 1 set made of L304 stainless steel materials, 900×1700×350, opened by four doors, with the upper and lower layers provided with high strength glass trailers, on which sufficient surgical equipment can be placed. The cabinets are made of 1.2mm frosted stainless steel plates, and the colors of cabinet doors are similar or the same with the main colors of the operating room, with aluminum alloy or stainless steel used for edge wrapping around, and they can be locked.

Built-in anesthetic cabinet

1 set

Each room is provided one set, with other requirements the same as above.

Built-in drug cabinet

1 set

Each room is provided one set, with other requirements the same as above.

View boxes (Film Viewer)

1 set

Built-in; 100-class operating room is provided with six couplet view boxes, and other operating rooms are provided with quadruple view boxes.

4 pieces of flexible shifting masking can achieve film reading without glare; and the exterior panels are made of scratch resistant toughened glass, with interior layers made of advanced optical acrylic plates; and the panels are designed without screws, which are elegant and aesthetic, with the housing subject to powder spraying treatment capable of resisting corrosion by sterilizing agents.

Built-in writing table

1 set

Each operating room is provided with one, made of L304-1.2mmstainless steel material, with lighting and convenience in maintenance and replacement.

Heat insulation cabinet


Preferably 1 set

Multifunctional information control box

1 set

The operating room is provided with six control panels. The major functions include clock, double timer clock, control screen(common ceiling mounted lighting system switches and electric equipment control switches), telephone functions, air-conditioning system (temperature and humidity control), call and other control.

Infusion ducts

1 set

Each room is provided with 1 set, and each set contains 2 stainless steel rings.

Combined power socket box

3 groups

There are three 220V 15A power sockets for each group, with bottom boxes and covers; and 1 grounding terminal.

Combined power socket box

1 group

Each group is provided with one 3-phase 380V 20A power socket, two 220V 15A power sockets, with bottom boxes and covers; and 1 grounding terminal.

Air supply ceiling (laminar hoods)

1 set

1) The box is the double layer structure, with the inner layer made of stainless steel plates or attached with PVC film steel plates, and outer layer made of color steel plates, and with the interior filled with Level B1 XPS plates, and high strength aluminum alloy frames to ensure that the boxes have considerable ability to resist pressure, with heat insulation performance and resistance to corrosion;

2) High efficiency side cloth to ensure considerable static pressure volume;

3) Double-layer current equalizers are used to ensure uniform air supply;

4) The middle part is provided with medium-speed air flow compensation devices used to set off the impact of a rise in air flow out of heat from equipment and personnel on the Cleaning result.

Anchor bolts for shadowless lamps


1 set/room

Tower crane anchor bolts


1 set/room

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